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Nov 17Birthday
Nov 15Wipe
Nov 13Lobster
Nov 10Pigeon
Nov 8Weiner
Nov 6It’s Guest Strip Season!
Nov 3Fly
Nov 1Monitor
Oct 30Halloween 2017
Oct 27Change
Oct 25Halloween Juice
Oct 23Ruh-Oh!
Oct 20Pumpkin
Oct 18Costume
Oct 16Weather
Oct 13Sleep
Oct 11Grub
Oct 9Thanksgiving 2017
Oct 6Check
Oct 4Parrot Bite
Oct 2Out of Order
Sep 29Apple
Sep 27TV
Sep 25Final Jeopardy
Sep 22Scene
Sep 20How to Draw Picpak
Sep 18Pizza
Sep 15Demons
Sep 13Sandman
Sep 11Bite
Sep 8Shake
Sep 6Act
Sep 4Hammertime
Sep 1Checkout
Aug 30Newspaper
Aug 28Stickman
Aug 25Lost
Aug 23Server
Aug 21Eclipse
Aug 18Taste Test
Aug 16Repellent
Aug 14Ant vs. Dinosaur
Aug 11Selfie
Aug 9Crayons
Aug 7Cereal
Aug 4Modern
Aug 2Carry Me
Jul 31Scale
Jul 28Monitor
Jul 26Face
Jul 24Shaking Hands
Jul 21Pizza
Jul 19Take Out
Jul 17Garden
Jul 14Child Care
Jul 12Bouncy Ball
Jul 10Hospital
Jul 7Sidewalk
Jul 5Crossword
Jul 3Camp Part 4
Jun 30Camp Part 3
Jun 28Camp Part 2
Jun 26Camp Part 1
Jun 23Fish
Jun 21Chocolate Syrup
Jun 19Panel
Jun 16Virtual Reality
Jun 14Lick
Jun 12Tree
Jun 9Compatible
Jun 7Inside Jeff Jr’s Mind
Jun 5Words
Jun 2Bakery
May 31Noisy
May 29Smoking
May 26What Happened
May 24Chicken
May 22Get a Life
May 19Golf
May 17No Food
May 15Straw
May 12Mother’s Day
May 10Supper
May 8Album
May 5Yogurt
May 3Sports
May 1Food Bank
Apr 28Shuffle
Apr 26Intact
Apr 24Spelling
Apr 21Taxi
Apr 19Blocked
Apr 17Ugly Duckling
Apr 14Good
Apr 12Horn
Apr 10Tow
Apr 7Flakey Idea
Apr 5Taps
Apr 3Punch
Mar 31Game
Mar 29Wrong Phone
Mar 27Bad Pun
Mar 24Change
Mar 22Beware
Mar 20Pile
Mar 17St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 15Book Report
Mar 13Bug
Mar 10Service Animal
Mar 8Workers
Mar 6Ferrell
Mar 3Wedges
Mar 1Boxcar
Feb 27Air
Feb 24Pancakes
Feb 22Dinner
Feb 20Trees
Feb 17Magnet
Feb 15Turtle
Feb 13Fish
Feb 10Click
Feb 8Wire
Feb 6Lyrics
Feb 3Injury
Feb 1Window Clinger
Jan 30President
Jan 27Signing Your Name
Jan 25King
Jan 23Knife
Jan 20Lop
Jan 18Quiz
Jan 16Hunting
Jan 13Medicine
Jan 11The Future
Jan 9Spin to Win
Jan 6Drink
Jan 4Warm Weather
Jan 2Aloha 2017