Welcome to this week’s Way Back Wednesday!

This comic was originally published November 14, 2007.

If there’s one thing you can learn from the Internet, it’s that someone else always has the same idea as you. Jeff Jr. was originally created to be the neighborhood menace — but not your average Dennis the Menace and Alvin-type menace (who has been lovingly homaged in Jeff Jr’s costume). His goal was to terrorize as many people as he could, while breaking a few laws in the process.

Turns out later that Hank of Addanac City fits this very bill. Yes, his comic come out a year after this one, but he had managed to take the idea and run with it. Out of fear of looking like a copycat, I slowly let Jeff Jr. become more of a background character, who does a few pranks every now and then. One day I’d love to give him a bigger role. We’ll see…

Also, get a hold of that rotary phone in the original. I’ve been drawing those as late as 2011. It’s incredibly antiquated (and has been for decades), but it just has that charm to it, y’know?