That’s right guys, this is the 1000th strip! I promised Jon I’d do another helium joke for him today, and…here it is!

I’d like to thank all of my fans for reading and sharing the strip after all these years; especially Chris, Chandra and Lunarbaboon, my Patrons (see what I did there?) I’m thankful for the rest of you guys too, of which there are too many to name.

So what’s next for Picpak and the gang? Picpak goes into space, Wakky invests in mutual funds, and Charles Barkley guest stars in a very special basketball-themed Christmas strip! But in all seriousness, folks, I’m not the type of guy that plans that far ahead. I can say in all honesty I don’t even know what this Monday’s strip is gonna be! In any case, the end of Picpak Dog definitely won’t be here yet. Here’s to 1000 more strips!