If you haven’t heard of Lunarbaboon…then what’s the monthly rent for the rock you live under? Lunar has nearly 165k followers on Facebook, and this comic alone racked up over 6000 likes and over 400 upvotes on Reddit! Not bad for such an unassuming pink pooch!

In a way, this comic struck a chord with me. I’d been having bad sleep for over a month now. I also have a mental illness, which makes giving me appropriate meds more difficult. To make matters worse, my psychiatrist was away for most of the month, and walk-in clinics wouldn’t give me the help I need. After countless hours spent hopping from hospital to hospital hoping to get any kind of help, eventually I was admitted into the mental ward. I went there to relax, but the constant screaming and fighting throughout the days and nights just made matters even worse. Just like the dog, I ran back to my room where I could be happy. So thank you Chris, for illustrating what’s been going on with my life lately, even if that wasn’t your intention.

Next up on Monday is a comic I literally couldn’t stop laughing at all day. It still makes me chuckle! Don’t miss it!