You heard right, Picpak Dog’s 2013 Guest Strip Spectular starts September 2!

The guest strips will run for two weeks, and will be updated Monday to Friday, five days a week. Here’s the full schedule:

September 2: Ronnie Tucker of Max and Ronnie Do Comics
September 3: Bearman of Bearman Cartoons
September 4: Ryan Klassen of City Folk
September 5: Daniel Barton of Goober and Cindy
September 6: Jon Esparza of Jon’s Crazy Stuff

September 9: EW Crowe and Dusty Perdue of The Hat and Fat
September 10: Tim Green of Vinnie the Vampire
September 11: Tom Falco of Tomversation
September 12: Warren Frantz of Off Season
September 13: Donna McKay of Once Upon a Donna

Thank you all for submitting your strips! They’re great and I can’t wait to show them. You guys will love them! Don’t think I’ll be spending these two weeks doing nothing, either. For starters, I’ll be working on our animation Kickstarter Jon and I are doing. Also, provided I have Internet access, I’ll be updating my Instagram with some rarely seen artwork.

Remember, the fun starts September 2!