This isn’t something I normally do often. In fact, I’m writing this up mere hours before this week’s Way Back Wednesday was originally planned to run. Rest assured, it will be posted this Friday.

Few deaths have had an impact on me, or anyone for that matter, as much as Robin Williams. There’s not a person alive who wasn’t entertained by his work, and his legacy spanned several generations. No one could ever replace him, as illustrated in today’s comic.

Robin’s death also sparked a lot of debate and discussion over depression. How could someone as joyful as Robin Williams be depressed? The truth is, some of the funniest people you know may also be the most troubled. For them, entertaining others is a form of personal validation. They truly live for it. This article discusses it further.

Finally, I ask you not to be sad that he’s gone, but to be happy that it happened. All he would ask is that we remain positive: after all, he made us laugh for so many years.

RIP, Robin Williams. You will be missed.