From the Desk of Kim Belding

Crazy in Pink HAS LAUNCHED!

After months of hype, it’s finally arrived:

Crazy in Pink, the much-awaited Kickstarter project between Jon Esparza and I, has launched!

CrazyinPinkWe want to make cartoons cool again, just like we’ve done with comics. And what better way than through Kickstarter? You’ll get fourteen great animations based off of fourteen of our strips, plus tons of great prizes fit for any budget. To get a better idea of our goals, be sure to watch our video on Kickstarter and read more about the incentives. What are you waiting for? Let’s make cartoons you really want to watch. Donate today!

Crazy in Pink: The Animation Revolution You Can Make Happen

If you follow Jon and I on Twitter, you may have heard us talking about starting an animation Kickstarter. In fact, the original announcement was so long ago you probably thought it’d never happen. But it is, and it’s REAL!CIPCrazy in Pink is a joint venture between Jon Esparza and I to get our comic strips animated. Set to launch on Kickstarter Thursday, February 6, you can make our dreams come true by donating. Every bit helps! We also have plenty of incentives that are great for anyone’s budget. Be sure to keep following us on Twitter @picpak and @JonsCrazyTweets for more details. Watch out everyone, things are gonna get CRAZY!

Debut of “Louis Says”

Louis Says Letter Size Poster Final RevisedExciting news for you Canadians: Louis Says, a show I worked on for APTN, starts January 9 at 9AM Central/10AM Eastern. It’s about a small boy named Randy who helps a wise old man named Louis. He only speaks Cree and Randy doesn’t, so Randy gets help from his friends so he can do his chores. My main role was storyboard artist, but I did a lot of other work for it as well. I have no word on when the show will be on in the US. Be sure to set your DVRs or tune in when it comes on to check it out!

Best Christmas EVER!!!

My family went all out this Christmas. This year I got two of the most unique, one-of-a-kind gifts I’ve ever gotten: a calendar AND T-shirt featuring my comics!IMG_20131226_183612IMG_20131226_183644Not to mention: The Complete Calvin & Hobbes (I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember)!IMG_20131226_182625Plus a whole slew of other things:IMG_20131226_075037I’ll try to get higher resolution photos up later. But for now I think it’s safe to say, this was the best Christmas EVER!!! Thank you everyone so much!