The star of the strip. As happy and cheerful as he is, he always gets things a little mixed up, whether it’s not crossing a "Pedestrians Only" street because he’s not from Pedestria or helping blow up someone’s tire with explosives. Like the usual dog, he loves meeting new people, watching TV, and sleeping. Despite all of the people things he says and does, he’s still a puppy at heart.

Comics: 1708
Recent Appearance: Cake Pop
First Appearance: Dogs Can't Spell


Picpak’s wife. Even though they’re married, just like cats and dogs, they’re complete opposites. In the midst of Picpak’s stupidity Wakky just throws in a sarcastic comment and groans. She spends her time looking after the family.

Comics: 781
Recent Appearance: Cake Pop
First Appearance: Snow


Charlie is Picpak and Wakky’s son. Coincidentally, he looks everything like Wakky and nothing like Picpak. Because he’s still a baby, he can’t talk, but that doesn’t stop him from participating in the usual kitty antics. Silly and sassy, he and Rudolph always drive his parents nuts.

Comics: 243
Recent Appearance: Story
First Appearance: Nice and Caring


Picpak had bought Rudolph from the pet store after being intimidated by all the cats in his house. He’s called Rudolph simply because of his red nose. Slow and dumbfounded, he partners up with Charlie with everything he does, even if Charlie just humiliates him in the end. He spends his day doing a lot of things, but at the end of the day he’d rather just scratch his butt on a tree.

Comics: 208
Recent Appearance: Squeeze
First Appearance: Nice and Caring

Picpak Cat

Picpak had adopted Picpak Cat after simply finding someone who shared the same name as him. Sarcastic and technologically-minded, Picpak tries to hang out with him but often fails miserably. He likes to update his Facebook and drink Coke.

Comics: 161
Recent Appearance: Skip
First Appearance: The Friendly-Wendly Hotel - Part 2

Jeff Jr.

Ill-mannered and mischievous, Jeff Jr. is the ultimate pest and will do anything to annoy anything and anyone around him. Of course, his main target is Picpak. His favourite food happens to be dogs, which evidently, bothers him. Whether or not he has actually eaten a dog is uncertain, but as long as Picpak is hurt in one form or the other by the end of the day, he’s happy.

Comics: 131
Recent Appearance: Tooth
First Appearance: Tag


Jeff Jr’s baby sister, Valerie, usually tag-teams with her brother’s ideas, but usually against her own will. While Jeff Jr. is older and more experienced, Valerie seems to be quite a bit brighter and knows when he’s trying to make a fool out of her. She enjoys baths considerably moreso than her brother, and hates playing Scrabble with him when he insists on inventing his own words.

Comics: 39
Recent Appearance: Believe It Or Never
First Appearance: Tag


Jeff, Jeff Jr’s mild-mannered dad, is his son’s second target if he doesn’t happen to be around Picpak. While Jeff tries his best to look after his son, that doesn’t stop him from ridiculing him, yelling at him, attacking him, or whatever have you. Of course, while this always results in punishment for him, Jeff tries his best to keep his cool. To date, Jeff’s wife has not been seen in the strip and has rarely been mentioned; all we know about her is that she divorced and moved away solely to get away from her son. Despite that, Jeff still tries hard to find someone who can actually put up with his son’s antics.

Comics: 72
Recent Appearance: True Love
First Appearance: Tag


Hank, the pet store owner, is a generally well-off fellow. His business is successful and he manages to sell a good amount of pets each day. However, there is one pet that he just can’t seem to get rid of…

Comics: 88
Recent Appearance: Song
First Appearance: Chicken


Originally owned by Picpak, he gave him back to the pet store after he found out he was too much of a nuisance. Devious and deconstructive, he goes through great lengths to sabotage or destroy anything that the pet store owner owns…provided that he can get a good laugh out of it. From driving his car through the pet store wall to shaving off all his hair after numerous attempts to grow it, Parrot has done anything and everything to him. The only reason he is still kept at the store is for hopes that someone stupid enough may actually buy him.

Comics: 70
Recent Appearance: Song
First Appearance: Important


Christine, typical buxom blonde and Hank’s girlfriend, is another victim of Parrot’s actions. She enjoys spending time on the beach and dating Hank, but whether Parrot is pretending to be a chef or calling the police on them for whatever reason, her plans always manage to get sabatoged in one way or another. In short, Christine is a loyal girlfriend, but only if Parrot is stamped and mailed to a African desert far, far away.

Comics: 32
Recent Appearance: Beauty Tip
First Appearance: Scale


Muddy is Picpak’s true-blue friend, and is someone who always understands him, even if Picpak doesn’t quite understand himself. Muddy enjoys the occassional chasing of the mouse, but when he’s not at play, he works as a clerk of the local grocery store Discount Duck. He’s Picpak’s seeker of advice and seeker of deals on his dented cans.

Comics: 115
Recent Appearance: Circus
First Appearance: Flavor Wave


Scraps, Picpak’s down-on-his-luck brother, shares quite a few similarities with him. One difference, however, is that Scraps was never able to settle down and start a family. For reasons unknown to anyone, he currently resides in a dumpster. That doesn’t mean he’s lost all hope. He’s always to be seen with his lucky collar, and is always trying to buy a house and break free. Humorous consequences always apply.

Comics: 103
Recent Appearance: High Living
First Appearance: Banana Peel


Poor ant just can’t get a break. One day he’s on top of the world…other days, he’s on top of the world, only much flatter. Wherever he goes, a loud “STOMP” is sure to follow. He can’t even avoid it at Christmas time (the present falls on him). Ant is mostly seen in picnics, showers, and tables…and mostly seen stomped to a crisp shortly thereafter.

Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: What Doesn't Kill You
First Appearance: Vacuum

The Mice

The mice are a bit of an oddity in this strip. For one, they’re one of the only characters that actually go to school. For another, the majority of them have no defining characteristics or actions at all…sometimes not even a name. However, there are a few stand-out characters, like Kim, a mouse shamelessly named after me, despite the fact that he really isn’t like me at all. The only way you can differentiate him from the other mice is because his nose is red (in B&W strips, his nose is white). He’s the main mouse, and the troublemaker of the group. The Bully doesn’t have a name, but he’s the easiest mouse to pick out: he has a beard. Basically, he’ll bully anyone, anytime, anywhere, and without any reason. However, he does get a little set back when someone dares to make a comeback, or try to get back at him. Finally, there's Doyle. Doyle is dumb. Really dumb. That’s all.

Comics: 86
Recent Appearance: Garage
First Appearance: Blind