From the Desk of Kim Belding

Crazy Cartoon Experiment 4

Jon Esparza recently held his fourth Crazy Cartoon Experiment! For those not in the know, the CCE revolves around a single idea that many cartoonists put their own take on. This time, it’s exploding underwear! I actually helped come up with it with Jon and had months ahead to plan it out. You can see my strip below:CCE4KimBeldingCheck out the other strips here! And of course check out Jon’s great cartoons at

Picpak enrolls in Scaredemy!

If you don’t know, Jack Slade is the creator behind Scaredemy, one of the best-drawn comics on the web. His comic revolves around a boy named Simon who attends Scardemy, a school for monsters. He’s doing guest strips all month, and this time Picpak joins in the fun. This comic took me FOREVER to make, but it was worth it! Check out the comic below, and be sure to give Jack’s comic a try. Thanks!Kim_Belding_Scaredemy_Guest_Strip

A new year, a new demo reel!

It’s 2013, and it’s time my demo reel got a much needed makeover. It features traditional, Flash and 3D animation, along with designs I’ve made for school and work. In the description is a link to my resume, my short film and storyboards. I wanted to create something that both showed my talents and was entertaining. I’ve put a lot of work into this, so please watch and enjoy!demoreelwatch

You’ve Got Mail

Faithful reader and friend Jon Esparza sent me something in the mail recently. It’s a custom made “sketch card”, complete with drawings on the back featuring Picpak’s family. He also sent me a handwritten note all in thanks for drawing him a guest strip. Thanks, Jon! I owe ya one!2013-02-19 15.18.562013-02-19 15.19.142013-02-19 15.20.19