From the Desk of Kim Belding


As you may have noticed, I just did a large overhaul of the Links section. I link to some of my favourite webcomics and webcomic friends now, as opposed to before when I didn’t because I hadn’t updated the page in three years. There’s also new link buttons to choose from for those of you who want to link to my site.Along with that, we also say goodbye to the chatbox. It’s an outdated piece of technology that’s rarely utilized these days. I used it when I was on Comic Genesis and couldn’t post a comment on a comic. Now that you can post a comment on any comic you like, it seems pointless to keep running something so few people use these days.In its place may be a few quick links to my favourite webcomics, so you can check them out right from the front page. Enjoy!

About Page

It took almost three years to get here, but this site finally has an About page! If you’ve feared you’ve never been bored by reading an in-depth page about this comic, fear not! Your prayers have been answered.


Since I never made a dime off of any of the advertising on this site, as of now they’re all gone! Rejoice, and be glad you’re a part of the only website actually removing its ads.


So I finally figured out why I’ve been having so much trouble colouring things lately. Turns out my graphics card was somehow set to the wrong colour depth, so everything appeared much darker than it really was (and here I thought my monitor was dying…good ol’ CRTs). Which in turn warranted me to put up a poll about the new logo to make sure nobody else was seeing the same thing, and if Picpak suddenly turned darker to everyone else as well.So, provided I never run with scissors, that should solve all the problems I had with my colours. Bye for now!

No Comic

Sorry guys, no comic for today. But before you start bunching up your undies and sending me letterbombs, I’ll make it up to you by putting up a colour Sunday strip for Monday. Sounds good? Good.

Image Problems

Happy New Year! You may have noticed that for the past two days, my comics are distorted. The copies that I have on my computer are completely fine, though. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m trying to figure it out and hopefully it’ll get fixed.