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Dec 31Happy New Year
Dec 29Bread
Dec 19Christmas 2014
Dec 17Ant’s Christmas
Dec 15The Reason
Dec 12Helping Hand
Dec 10Lunch Money
Dec 8Auction
Dec 5Name Your Price
Dec 3Chef
Dec 1December
Nov 28Pink Friday
Nov 26Morning
Nov 24Block
Nov 21Headstand
Nov 19Fly South
Nov 17Table
Nov 141000 Strips!
Nov 12Chocolate Bars
Nov 10Bee 4
Nov 7Bee 3
Nov 5Bee 2
Nov 3Bee
Oct 31Ghost Follies
Oct 29Costume
Oct 27Werewolf 2
Oct 24Werewolf
Oct 22Pumpkin
Oct 20Mistake
Oct 17Taylor Swift
Oct 15ATM
Oct 13Scraps’ Thanksgiving
Oct 10Car
Oct 8Spaghetti
Oct 6Elevator
Oct 3Vegetables
Oct 1Cookie
Sep 29Haiku
Sep 26A Little Less Conversation
Sep 24Helium Challenge
Sep 22Soup
Sep 19The Future
Sep 17Strong
Sep 15Address
Sep 12Hand Cut
Sep 10For Dummies
Sep 8Mad
Sep 5Runny
Sep 3Picpak’s Ice Bucket Challenge
Sep 1Haircut
Aug 29Keep Quiet
Aug 27Don’t You Put It In Your Eye
Aug 25Party
Aug 22Expert
Aug 20Hole
Aug 18App 2
Aug 15Request
Aug 13RIP Robin Williams
Aug 11Different
Aug 8Cake
Aug 6Graceful
Aug 4Donna McKay’s Guest Strip: Caricature
Aug 1Ryan Klassen’s Guest Strip: Hollywood
Jul 30Reality TV
Jul 28Take Your Pick
Jul 25What’s in a Name
Jul 23Strength
Jul 21Ice
Jul 18Tree 3
Jul 16Plant
Jul 14Tree 2
Jul 11Tree
Jul 9Dateline
Jul 7Chef Picpak
Jul 4Cart
Jul 2The Amazing Picpak Part 6
Jun 30On Call
Jun 27Peek
Jun 25The Amazing Picpak Part 5
Jun 23Bees
Jun 20Something
Jun 18The Amazing Picpak Part 4
Jun 16Lack of Imagination
Jun 13Crazy Time Travel Experiment
Jun 11The Amazing Picpak Part 3
Jun 9Castle
Jun 6Awards Show
Jun 4The Amazing Picpak Part 2
Jun 2In-Life Purchase
May 30Less is More
May 28The Amazing Picpak Part 1
May 26Pail
May 23Red Bull
May 21Toaster
May 19How Long
May 16Black Market
May 14Picpak Flashback: When Picpak Met Scraps 6
May 12Vending Machine
May 9Balance
May 7Picpak Flashback: When Picpak Met Scraps 5
May 5App
May 2Guest Painting by Chris Gobbett
Apr 30Picpak Flashback: When Picpak Met Scraps 4
Apr 28Rug
Apr 25Read ’em and Weep
Apr 23Picpak Flashback: When Picpak Met Scraps 3
Apr 21Easter 2014
Apr 18Road to Riches
Apr 16Picpak Flashback: When Picpak Met Scraps 2
Apr 14Bad Drug
Apr 11Phones
Apr 9Picpak Flashback: When Picpak Met Scraps
Apr 7All in One
Apr 4Glass
Apr 2Cereal
Mar 31Pinch Me
Mar 28Perogies
Mar 26Joke
Mar 24Flight
Mar 21Money
Mar 19On Time
Mar 17Bubble Gum
Mar 14Script Error
Mar 12A Tough Hand
Mar 10Bracket
Mar 7Storage Wars: Antarctica
Mar 5Wise Guy
Mar 3Flappy Dog
Feb 28Everything In Its Place
Feb 26Home Cooking
Feb 24Watched Pot
Feb 21Good Thinking
Feb 19Shift
Feb 17Time Warp
Feb 14Valentine’s Day
Feb 12Tail
Feb 10Work
Feb 7Trash: In Theaters Now
Feb 5Dinner
Feb 3The Dog in the Hat
Jan 31Well, what’s this?
Jan 29Jello
Jan 27Joker
Jan 24Ripped
Jan 22Slide
Jan 20Camera
Jan 17Supper
Jan 15Battle of Wits
Jan 13Cooking
Jan 10Chicago
Jan 8Everything
Jan 6Song
Jan 3Taxi
Jan 1Horoscope