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Dec 30T’aint the Season
Dec 28Foodie
Dec 18Little Drummer Boy
Dec 16Too Long
Dec 14The Hanging Tree
Dec 11Weather
Dec 9Stuck
Dec 7Foot
Dec 4Fire
Dec 2Glow in the Dark
Nov 30Cat Food
Nov 27Waste
Nov 25Light
Nov 23Snow
Nov 20Meow
Nov 18Flytrap
Nov 16Fever
Nov 13Decision
Nov 11Oxymoron
Nov 9How to Draw Adventure Time Style
Nov 6Flu
Nov 4I Want Candy
Nov 2Music
Oct 30The Grim Reaper Part 4
Oct 28The Grim Reaper Part 3
Oct 26The Grim Reaper Part 2
Oct 23The Grim Reaper Part 1
Oct 21Maturity
Oct 19Safe
Oct 16Show
Oct 14Temperature
Oct 12Grace
Oct 9Sad
Oct 7Talk
Oct 5Palm
Oct 2Where Are They Now?
Sep 30The Bird and the Ant
Sep 28Good Boy, Now Sit!
Sep 25Photo
Sep 23Conversation
Sep 21Beat
Sep 18The Great Dumpster Mystery Part 7
Sep 16The Great Dumpster Mystery Part 6
Sep 14The Great Dumpster Mystery Part 5
Sep 11The Great Dumpster Mystery Part 4
Sep 9The Great Dumpster Mystery Part 3
Sep 7The Great Dumpster Mystery Part 2
Sep 4The Great Dumpster Mystery: Part 1
Sep 2Bus Stop
Aug 31Bother
Aug 28Rejected
Aug 26Health Food
Aug 24Handwritten
Aug 21Magic Act
Aug 19Skrillex
Aug 17Door
Aug 14Booked
Aug 12Loudness Wars
Aug 10Princess
Aug 7Pie
Aug 5On Call
Aug 3Inside Information
Jul 31Clean as a Whistle
Jul 29Psychic
Jul 27Guest Strip by Tim Green
Jul 24Guest Strip by P.J. Day
Jul 22Fan Art by Crispin Wood
Jul 20Sign of the Times
Jul 17Cute as a Button
Jul 15Pogo Stick
Jul 13Selfie
Jul 10Let ‘Em In
Jul 8You’ve Got Mail
Jul 6Socks
Jul 3Fan Art by Scott Warren
Jul 1Fan Art by Dawn Griffin
Jun 29Guest Strip by Jon Esparza
Jun 26Fan Art by Mark Stokes
Jun 24Guest Strip by J.A. Parker
Jun 22Guest Strip by Dogs, Ducks and Aliens
Jun 19Fan Art by Lunarbaboon
Jun 17Fan Art by Rich Lauzon
Jun 3Taking a Break
Jun 1Cab
May 29Ride
May 27Bees
May 25Movie
May 22Cookies
May 20No
May 18Bell
May 15Crossword
May 13Interview
May 11High Stakes
May 8Pierce
May 6Hardwood Floor
May 4Towel
May 1Picpak Dog in: An Apple a Day
Apr 29One or Two
Apr 27Frequent Stops
Apr 24Black Belt
Apr 22Orange Juice
Apr 20Doggy Door
Apr 17Character
Apr 15Paint
Apr 13Baseball
Apr 10Carpool
Apr 8Shampoo
Apr 6Smartwatch
Apr 3Coffee
Apr 1Picpak Dog: The Video Game
Mar 30Name
Mar 27Jif
Mar 25Lottery
Mar 23Rain
Mar 20No Smoking
Mar 18Toothpick
Mar 16Fall
Mar 13Do Not Follow
Mar 11Article
Mar 9Art Show
Mar 6U-Turn
Mar 4Colonel Part 3
Mar 2Colonel Part 2
Feb 27Colonel Part 1
Feb 25Slow
Feb 23Sonic’s Ring
Feb 20Gluten Free
Feb 18Leave a Message
Feb 16Invoice
Feb 13She Sells
Feb 11Doe
Feb 9Happy Medium
Feb 6Please Don’t Sue Me, Nestle
Feb 4Fight the Good Fight
Feb 2Clickbait
Jan 30Computer Problems
Jan 28Can’t a Dog Catch a Break?
Jan 26Medication
Jan 23Poet
Jan 21Pot
Jan 19Penny
Jan 16Mayor
Jan 14Peanut
Jan 12Prehistoric Picpak
Jan 9Guest Strip by Jon Esparza: Pink-Fu
Jan 7Fan Art by Chris Gobbett
Jan 5CPR
Jan 2Figure Eight