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What's that you say? You don't know Calvin and Hobbes? Hmph. Wonder how you found this site then. Oh FINE, I'll tell you. Calvin and Hobbes were a great cartoon duo lasting a decade from 1985 to 1995, and published 16 books. Calvin is
the six-year old boy who talks like a grown man, and always gets into trouble.
His partner, Hobbes, is a stuffed tiger, who Calvin ALWAYS carries around. But to Calvin, it's no stuffed tiger. It's his best friend. Calvin's parents are like every family--loving, but get agonized by the kid's antics. Susie is the next-door neighbour, who, to Calvin, is a pest. After all, do you think his club G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS) would've started because of her? Nope, probably not. Moe, is well, the jerk. 'Nuff said. And you can't forget all the other ones, the disappeared Uncle Max, who appeared only for a week in the funnies, the TV, the monsters under the bed, always scaring Calvin and Hobbes, the bike, who is always attacking Calvin, and much, much more.  Understand C&H a little better? GOOD! I thought you would.

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9.2.04: Yoink is a fun word to say. So is a'wopj.

I fixed up the one link in the tributes section (silly me...I should've known "Ruby Park" wasn't a comic), as well as adding a new one. Jpow'a.

8.2.04: "But I don't WANNA!"

Even though I was doing a little procrastinating, I finally got around to adding the links, blogs, cartoons, and other miscellaneous things you guys submitted. The new poll, 2 new tributes, and a gallery in the cardboard boxes section were added.

02.2.04: "Heck, that's more fun than exploding a potato in the oven!"

Sorry I didn't bother to put the new poll up lately...as a matter of fact, I knew about it, I just felt kinda "lazy" yesterday... lol. Well, enjoy!

27.1.04: Well, no wonder!

Well no wonder no one was submitting any comics through my comic creator! The form didn't work! Hopefully, it works now. :)

25.1.04: Just doin' a little fixer-uppering...

To prevent the JavaScript skipping a frame or two, (or having a broken image on other sites), the animated banner in the Link to my Site section is now an animated GIF, and not JavaScript. I have also compressed the file size of it for faster loading. Plus, the new poll submitted by Jeff is added.

23.1.04: After a little thinking...

...I have removed the chatterbox. I mean, little mini chatrooms, 3 lines of ads underneath, that's not what's supposed to be on a Calvin and Hobbes site! Plus, the poll looks nicer. And did you notice the minisections at the bottom of the page?

22.1.04: Say bye-bye to Mr. Poll...say HELLO to Mr. Chatterbox!

This thing is SOO cool, I couldn't help but put it up. It's like a chatroom, only not. It's at the right-side of the page, and will be replacing the poll. If you want the poll back, don't neglect to tell me in the Feedback section. And if you LIKE the chatterbox, don't neglect to tell me that through the Feedback section either!