Buy The Book!

Picpak Dog’s first published book, The Picpak Dog Collection, is here! At 96 pages, it features Picpak Dog’s first six months of strips since its move to And if that’s not enough, it also contains the Facebook fan page comics, rarely seen art, and unseen early sketches! It’s a must have for any Picpak Dog fan, and you can order it online for $14.95 + shipping. If you want, you can also buy the downloadable PDF for only $1.95, and keep it on your iPad, or whatever it is the cool kids do.

You can purchase your copy today by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Buy The Book!

  1. I've already purchased it! Can't wait!!

  2. Will there be another one?

  3. It depends. So far you've been the only person to buy one.

  4. Really?! Am I? That's exciting!

  5. Guess that truly makes me Pickpak's #1 fan, doesn't it!!

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