Who is that mysterious man in the final panel? My more keen readers should be able to recognize him as Bearman of Bearman Cartoons. Every year he holds a charity fundraiser and donates his own money just for you taking part. This is my first year participating, and for every cameo appearance of his character in a webcomic, he donates $10! According to him, an appearance can be as much as starring in the comic like mine, or even someone saying “Check out that bear, man!”. Knowing how big a heart he has, I knew he deserved a leading role in today’s comic.

The money goes to various charities, but my personal favourite is Crayons to Computers, which helps schools stock up on school and art supplies. In five years he’s donated $2806 to charity!

So how big is Bearman? He has over 29,000 followers on Google+ – not only is that 29 times bigger than my hometown, it’s also probably 29 times more than the amount of people who use Google+ on a regular basis. So go check out his work, and find out more about his charity challenge here: http://beartoons.com/ Enjoy!