Guest Strip by Jon Esparza: Ears

5 thoughts on “Guest Strip by Jon Esparza: Ears

  1. Ear today, gone tomorrow! This strip “blowed up real good”, Jon! Love to see your take on Picpac and the crew! F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fantastic job!!

  2. Don’t even ask me to tie that second balloon off. He can keep that one. 🙂

    Nice work, Jon!

  3. Today, my great friend Tyler Page brings us a Christmas-Day Tooth Tale. Sorry you had a sucky Christmas that year, Tyler, but it made for a good comic! And while we’re here, let me send you over to Rachel Nabors’ site, where she explains a necessary, expensive, long, and excruciating UPCOMING dental experience she’s about to go through! Rachel doesn’t have insurance, and is going to have to pay for her expenses out-of-pocket. She’s a prolific, award-winning cartoonist who posts weekly to, and she could use your help. Click the banner to learn more! And, for anybody new to SMILE, hello! Welcome to my true tales of dental misfortune! I’ve been running guest strips for a few weeks now, but the main story begins here !

    1. Finally, a comic about dentists!

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