Guest Strip by Tim Green: Charlie

Tim Green of Vinnie the Vampire actually made two comics during my last guest strip season, and I decided to save this one for a rainy day. In this one, Tim pokes fun at Wakky's nearly identical son, Charlie, and draws an incredibly faithful rendition of him in the process. (Check him out in the picture frame in the first panel; even I forget to draw his eyes like that!) Great stuff, Tim. Be sure to check out his comic at and check out my guest strip for him here!

4 thoughts on “Guest Strip by Tim Green: Charlie

  1. It was fun working with your great characters, Kim, I appreciate the opportunity!

  2. I think Tim is channeling you, Kim! Really fun strip!

    1. Heck, even our names sound similar! Coincidence? I think not!

  3. Would that make him a Mini Me, Mini Him or a Mini You? 😛

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