Guest Strip by Tim Green: Speech

Tim was nice enough to send me two strips! To give everyone a chance, I'm saving one of his for a rainy day. This is his second, and preferred strip. Here Picpak experiences a nightmare that's all too real for some of us. Making a speech is easy. Just imagine everyone in the audience in their fur! Check out more of Tim's great work here. Thanks again, Tim!

11 thoughts on “Guest Strip by Tim Green: Speech

  1. Thanks Kim! I’m glad you ran the nightmare comic, it was my favorite too!

  2. Hahaha! I love that. Way to go, Tim.

  3. I had this dream before, but the whole audience was naked! Love it, Tim!

    1. Maybe you stumbled into an adult film award show! Ha!! Thanks Mark!

  4. Good Food, Good ServiceJust recently dined there on Easter Sunday with my mother who had eaten here before. Everything looked good on the other customers plates as we walked in, so I was anxious to try everything. My mother recommended the breakfast enchiladas and the “alotta enchiladas”,(sic). I opted for the second choice, but I also wanted a little breakfast food, so I ordered a side of sausage too. Our waiter was friendly and responsive, although he looked like he was 14 years old, (I’m old, so everyone looks like a kid these days)! Our orders came out fairly quickly although not quite right. The menu states that the plate came with a side of guacamole, which was missing. Our waiter apologized and quickly got our sides of guacamole. My mother had the carne adovada, (spell?) enchiladas, while I opted for the shredded beef. Both were tasty, although some people may find the red chile too mild for their tastes. I thought it was just fine. As a friend once told me, “pain is not a flavor”. The side of two sausage patties was very good. Not overdone or greasy at all. I plan on going back relatively soon, but I’ll get the carne adovada enchiladas instead, or maybe one of their other wide variety of dishes. I hope it stays in business – it’s not real obvious where it is, and may get lost in the maze of strip shopping sites in this town. My only regret is that I didn’t take advantage of the “free hugs” offered from Tim, or spent time looking at the collage of Tim’s accomplishments on the wall. I recommend people do that – very inspiring! Please patronize this business.

    1. While I can’t agree with your mother’s avocado choices, I found this an interesting read. Please, tell me more about the “free hugs” Tim offers.

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