Welcome to this week’s Forgotten Friday! (This won’t become a regular thing, I promise)

Today’s strip was originally posted December 5, 2008.


There’s a lot of reasons as to why Jeff Jr. started appearing less regularly in the strip. In fact, the idea of Jeff Jr. himself came from someone I went to school with, so in a way it always felt like I “stole” it from him. (I pay homage to this by making Jeff Jr’s outfit nearly identical to Alvin’s from Alvin and the Chipmunks.) And while the idea of a mischievous enemy to Picpak sounded good at the time, over time I realized Picpak’s biggest enemy is common sense. Still, it’s nice to see Jeff Jr. in his classic brattish self. And like I’ve always said, Hank from Addanac City does what Jeff Jr. does so much better.

GoComics! Picpak Dog! Maybe you’ve put those words together, maybe you haven’t. But now you can by reading him over at Comics Sherpa!