Ryan Klassen’s Guest Strip: Hollywood

Ain't this the truth? No one understands this more than Canadians, where we don't even have all those cool things like Hulu or Spotify. Check out more of Ryan's great work at his comic City Folk. Thanks once again!

4 thoughts on “Ryan Klassen’s Guest Strip: Hollywood

  1. The strip is well-done, nicely coloured.But there is never any excuse for online piracy. No one likes Hollywood people. However, their products are fairly priced and easily accessible. I’m not sure what else they can do. They can’t give the stuff away for free. Belding, I’m sure you wouldn’t like people pirating your Picpak books and selling them for $5.95 (instead of your $14.95).

    1. Interesting point. However, in Canada there is tons of content we want and would gladly pay for that’s simply unattainable in stores. And the few websites that might offer it legally are often locked down to one or two Internet providers.

      And my content is more than fairly priced. The only thing stopping me from selling my books at $6 is that I wouldn’t be making a profit. And on top of that I offer over 800 more strips to the tune of $1 a month. You can even cancel the subscription and still read the strips. Frankly, I’d post my comics on The Pirate Bay if enough people wanted them badly enough.

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