I've found the tablet isn't the best when it comes to lettering. The line draws just slightly above where you touch the pen, so letters like E get squished together. I know you're saying, "why not use a font?" And yes, while I do have a font made from my lettering, I'm never satisfied with its results. That being said, the tablet is great for rough sketches and one-panel comics. BTW, I still have ideas for some one-panel gags, so this isn't the last you've seen of the tablet!

5 thoughts on “Supper

  1. Yeah I’m not a big fan of tablets either. There are some amazing things people can do with them, unfortunately I’m not one of them. Give me a sheet of Bristol and a pencil any day.

  2. I would eat dinner or lupper instead (or a nightly breakfast)

  3. Maybe it would be like the name of the lake monster that’s supposed to be in Lake Memphremagog on the Canada/US border. One women has claimed to have copyrighted the name ‘Memphre’ on the states side, so you’re not supposed to say it there, but on the Canadian side you can say it as much as you want.

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