Picpak Dog is in the papers!

A while back Leroy Brown of Icecubes asked me if I wanted to submit a comic for his monthly newspaper. It’s a paper in Texas called the Kingwood Monthly. Of course, I said yes without skipping a beat. It took a while, but the paper finally arrived the other day! Leroy has a picture of it up on his site, but here’s a better close-up (click to enlarge).


Thank you so much for letting me do this, Leroy. I’m also alongside Leroy’s own comic, Zombie Boy, Urban Jungle, Spud Comics and The Amaizing Jim Corn (all these comics are awesome too, BTW).  It feels good to have Picpak in the papers!

3 thoughts on “Picpak Dog is in the papers!

  1. Wow Kim, congratulations! 😀

  2. NOTE: until we’ve had time to sort out the backlog, most Genres other than ‘Furry’ won’t show many (or any) comics.

    1. Well, this is good news for all my readers demanding gratuitous furry action.

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