Over the past two months, Jon Esparza and I have been running Crazy in Pink, a Kickstarter project to create animations based on Jon and I’s cartoons. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to successfully fund the project.

In fact, we didn’t even come close. We raised 11% of our intended goal.

We aren’t sure what we did wrong. We talked about it constantly on social media and through crowdfunding websites. Perhaps we should have tried outside of social networks and use alternative methods. Fact is, we’ve seen people with half the fanbase and promotion we have reach goals that were the same prices. After the money we would have reserved for prizes and Kickstarter’s share we were working on a tight budget to begin with, although no one else seemed to understand.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t the end for Crazy in Pink. What we discovered is that we do have supportive fans…they’re just poor, I guess. We’ll be coming up with alternate ways to bring the project alive after all.