Hi everybody! Glad to see you've entered Kim's Calvin and Hobbes page!
What's that you say? You don't know Calvin and Hobbes? Hmph. Wonder how you found this site then. Oh FINE, I'll tell you. Calvin and Hobbes were a great cartoon duo lasting a decade from 1985 to 1995, and published 16 books. Calvin is the six-year old boy who talks like a grown man, and always gets into trouble.
His partner, Hobbes, is a stuffed tiger, who Calvin ALWAYS carries around. But to Calvin, it's no stuffed tiger. It's his best friend. Calvin's parents are like every family--loving, but get agonized by the kid's antics. Susie is the next-door neighbour, who, to Calvin, is a pest. After all, do you think his club G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS) would've started without her? Nope, probably not. Moe, is well, the jerk. 'Nuff said. And you can't forget all the other ones, the disappeared Uncle Max, who appeared only for a week in the funnies, the TV, the monsters under the bed, always scaring Calvin and Hobbes, the bike, who is always attacking Calvin, and much, much more. Understand Calvin and Hobbes a little better? GOOD! I thought you would.


September 9, 2006: "I don't need parents. All I need is a recording that says, 'Go play outside!'"

I did some miscellaneous fixes to the site; it should now load slightly faster for you.

August 28, 2006: "True friends are hard to come by...I need more money."

I did some updates to the CalvinClub today - namely, I added a memberlist, a more secure login system, and new avatars.

August 25, 2006: "Nothing spoils fun like finding out it builds character."

I added some comics to the Fake Comics section, and changed the links at the bottom of each page: some of them were dead.

August 22, 2006: "I hate to think that all my current experiences will someday become stories with no point."

I did some major updates to the Tributes section, and added some new ones. I also added some games to the Games section.

August 20, 2006: "The way Calvin's brain is wired, you can almost hear the fuses blowing."

Happy third birthday to my site!!! Yay!!!!

August 18, 2006: "You know how old people always write letters to Dear Abby, complaining that their kids never write, call or visit? Those letters really crack me up."

The third anniversary of this site is 2 days away, and I've put up an About page for you. Enjoy!

August 10, 2006: "Beneath that larger perspective is a guy who doesn't want to spring for a new toaster."

I added a section I should've added a long time ago: Characters. Enjoy!

August 5, 2006: "I say, if your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life."

The CalvinClub, forum, cartoon creator, guestbook, etc. should be spam-free now. If it's not, let me know!

July 5, 2006: Happy birthday!

If Bill Watterson is out there (which I doubt he is), here's to a happy 48th birthday!

June 14, 2006: "Gee, my own copy of the emancipation proclamation."

I've put up a new guestbook, since the old one was being spammed beyond my control. This one won't be as spammed...hopefully.

April 29, 2006: "Sorry. My eyes were on screen saver."

Not much new right now. However, I took the time to remove all the dead links in the Links section. Happy website surfing!

March 26, 2006: "If you flip the pages of my book, an animated T-Rex drives the batmobile and explodes!"

Fixed two dead links in the Links section: Calvin and Hobbes Hideout and Simply Calvin and Hobbes.

March 4, 2006: "I didn't even know they made barfing face stickers"

I fixed all the dead links that were originally fixed but went dead again. The foreign section is back up, as well as a lot of other sections.

Also, I removed the Calvinball forum, because no one actually posted in it. The forum itself is still up, but there are no links to it.

A couple days ago I found a lot of tribute strips hanging around on the old site that aren't up anymore. I might get around to adding those too.

January 3, 2006: Quark, quark, quark, quark, quark

Added a new link to the Links section and a new tribute to the Tributes section.

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