From the Desk of Kim Belding

Picpak Dog is in the papers!

A while back Leroy Brown of Icecubes asked me if I wanted to submit a comic for his monthly newspaper. It’s a paper in Texas called the Kingwood Monthly. Of course, I said yes without skipping a beat. It took a while, but the paper finally arrived the other day! Leroy has a picture of it up on his site, but here’s a better close-up (click to enlarge).


Thank you so much for letting me do this, Leroy. I’m also alongside Leroy’s own comic, Zombie Boy, Urban Jungle, Spud Comics and The Amaizing Jim Corn (all these comics are awesome too, BTW).  It feels good to have Picpak in the papers!

Fan Art for Team Stryker!

Apparently one piece of fan art in a week isn’t enough for me. Check out my fan art for Andrew Grieve’s action-packed comic Team Stryker! I’d like to say it was fun drawing in a different style, but all those little details drove me crazy. My hand cramped up just drawing the characters. Still, I’m super pleased with how it came out.TeamStryker_KimBeldingGuestComicCheck out more of Andrew’s great work, along with his accurate (and hilarious) description of me here! Thanks! 

New Fan Art for Zorphbert and Fred!

Hi all! I’ve done (yet again) more fan art for Dawn Griffin’s great strip Zorphbert and Fred! The concept is simple: Dawn has one missing panel in her comic, and it’s up to you to fill it in. I actually struggled with this one for a bit until I let my literal side kick through. Check the comic out below (click to enlarge):FanartChall_Panel_KimBeldYou can see the panel at its full size at the blog post here. And of course, don’t forget to read more of Dawn’s work at

Picpak Dog is on Tapastic!

tapasticTapastic is a popular webcomic hosting site that’s been growing rapidly each day. Many well-known comics are on it and now Picpak joins the team. What does this mean for you? Well, it comes with a great mobile design that makes reading Picpak on the go a cinch. You can subscribe, get notifications for each new comic, add favourites and more. I’ll be posting the newest strips along with some of my favourites. So what are you waiting for? Check us out today!Note that this won’t change the site or the RSS feed, and everything will work as normal. If comics are being cut off or are too small to read, trying rotating your phone. Thanks!

Guest Strip for Vinnie the Vampire

VinnieVampireKimBeldingHi folks! As I’m sure you know, Tim Green of Vinnie the Vampire recently did a guest strip for me (actually, he did two — I haven’t posted the other one yet). To return the favor, I drew one for him as well! Like Tim I had to do a bit of archive digging at first, but then I came up with something that would work even if I hadn’t. Let’s see how long Vinnie gets to keep his job! Check out more of Tim’s great work here.

Animations, Comics, Kickstarter, oh my!

As you may or may not know, Kickstarter is open to Canada September 9. Jon Esparza and I have an idea for one we’ve been working on for some time. The idea is simple: we each pick five strips of ours we want to turn into cartoons, and then produce five small animations based off of our comics. Right now we’re seeing if people are interested. Letting us know is simple: favourite or retweet our tweets on the subject at our Twitter handles @picpak and @JonsCrazyTweets, send an e-mail, tell us on Facebook, or reply to this post. Got suggestions for which comics you’d like to see animated? Be sure to let us know by using the previously mentioned methods.Showing interest is one thing, but interest doesn’t help fuel our dreams. So that’s why we want to know: Would you support a Kickstarter to create animations based on our comics? If so, please vote in the poll below. Thank you!EDIT: The poll has been closed. We’re going through with this either way. Thanks for voting!


I’ve launched my portfolio site! It shows a sample of some of the work I’ve done both personally and professionally. You can check it out by clicking on the image below. Enjoy!screenshot